Small bits of humour, IEP

We had Not So Little Man's IEP meeting yesterday.  Because he is in middle school this year they insist that he attend so that he can learn to advocate for himself.
Interestingly enough, he also got this lecture from the doctor this summer.  Advocate for yourself, learn about autism, learn about your learning disabilities...

He did not want to.  He has no interest.  I am the Mom and he trusts me to make sure that his school  is safe for him.  But I insisted and yeseterday there we were.
Myself, my lovely son, my nephew, cuz the dang hubby forgot and did not show up to take the little monkey, Teacher, Vice Principal and LA Assistant.  Thank fully I invited Not So Little Man's Language Pathologist/behaviour analyst with us.

20 minute slot.  They had a flipchart that for the twenty minutes they went through.  We were not given an opportunity to say very much.

Mrs T (our speech/behaviour lady) finally, 15 minutes in, asked how long they had known Not So Little Man.
The Child in question answered, "5 weeks, but really that is 4 days a week minus one holiday and one pro-D day so that is 18, but only for six hours each day, so that is 108 hours and that makes 4 and one half days. That is not accurate as some of these people have never met me"

I thanked tehm for the chart, I did actually learn a few things (He reads at 175 words per minute with 22 errors?? ).  I insisted that another meeting be booked where myself and Mrs T could outline what WE knew was going to be needed to assist Not So Little Man this year.

Bless his 'sweet self' he looked at me and says "Did I suffer through this one only to have another one?"

Hugs and Laughter

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Little Man's New Hobby
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