Autism Speaks does NOT speak for me!

I am re-posting about this, as there seems to be a wee bit of confusion about why, WHY should we not be thrilled that some big company is supporting an autism charity?
I posted a link to a petition, although I do not have faith that such petitions will do any good, but this one is AGAINST Toys R Us collecting donations for Autism Speaks.

When Autism Speaks created that Horrid Video I was devastated. Then I found out, last year, that Toys R Us supports Autism Speaks.  I was not impressed.

Why not?
Autism Speaks is anti-autism, 
They run these awful advertising campaigns in which they demonize autism, comparing it to disease, death, kidnapping, tragedy, illness, murders and poverty. Autistic persons and their families & friends have tried to counter the evil message that Autism Speaks has spread.
They do not allow autistic persons to take part in any aspect of their business.
They promote psuedoscience.
They treat autism as a disease and persons with autism as if they have no value as people.

My child is NOT a tragedy.  He is not better off dead, did not cause me to be impoverished, divorced or any such damn thing.  He is not a shadow, nor invisible.  By what right does Autism Speaks spread such fear and hatred of ANY human-let alone a group of people who have a neurological, pervasive devleopmental disorder.
Their "we kidnapped your child" bullpoopie campaign worked great for raking in the dough.  (Money that does not seem to benefit any autistic persons).

So yes, I would like to see Toys R Us helping that money to go to an organization that DOES help autistic persons, provide autistic services, help the families of young autistic persons-even research how to provide better services.
But it hurts my heart to watch a big corporation such as Toys R Us to help give credibility to an organization that is so well despised by so many that are the persons that they are supposed to be helping.



  1. Wow, thank you for posting this. I'd just like to say...I never knew about this video... I read a transcript of it...Oh wow, it is mean..and totally going about fund-raising in the wrong way.

    I am a caregiver of my 20 year old brother with Autism... and this video is really offensive. I wonder why I hadn't heard about it? I couldn't find it on you tube, I think they've removed it... which is good, but still, the fact that they even did it..*sigh* so disappointing.

    I think it's important to be honest when discussing Autism, but this video was not honest, it was mean.

    Thanks again, for informing me about it. Autism Speaks had followed my mom and I on twitter and I hadn't thought anything of it...


    (By the way, you followed me on twitter, (@ourwindowpain) -- that's how I found your blog. Thanks for the follow!

  2. Thanks for being followable and for the comment. As to Autism Speaks, I am hoping that since they pulled the video and now that so many studies have already looked at the whole vaccine debate, that we will see better things from Autism Speaks.
    Many of the more level headed persons in the autism community are not as cranky with the organization as i am-because they do raise public awareness and they do fund research. :)


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