Internet has changed things...yes indeed

Remember when we were in school, perhaps grade 6/7, and they did those aptitude tests and told us what sort of career we should consider? 

I remember my classmates all being quite disconcerted (I do not remember what I was told for me), arguing that they CAN TOO be a doctor, lawyer, police officer, super star, writer, taxi driver etc... Back in my youth most children with unrealistic expectations believed they were going to be rich and famous by sheer will and determination, with no talent or effort required.  Not that none had talent or the willingness to put the time and effort in... But those who did not still steadfastly held on to that dream.

Working with a teens with ASD, listening to the many teen friends of my children, I see a new trend.  Now they all think they can get rich with a viral You-tube video.  They stalk each other with their iPhones and iPods and iPads, hoping to catch something on camera that will make them famous. They post pictures of each other that they took on the sly on Facebook.

Yesterday, my NotSoLittleMan brought home a form for me to sign for a class.  He had filled it out with his immature scrawl.  I read it (with some difficulty) and lo and behold... Where the instructor asks, "What do you want to do for an income when you graduate?" he has written, "professional You-tuber" (pofeshunul yutubr).

It is worth a smile, a fond remembrance of "back when I was young" and a wry grin as I realize that .. you know... it could happen.

Hugs and laughter!

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