Apology Accepted, Appreciated and Admired

Little Man and I appreciate Smockity's apology. In the words of Little Man "Apologies are just words but some words need to be said". It also takes a special kind of person to be able to publicly apologize-someone with courage and strength.

Personally I would like to thank Smockity. Her posts, regardless of how much it stung to read it, brought to light that although our many voices have accomplished much-we have a long ways to go.

Autism awareness IS our responsibility. All autistics, their families, care providers, educators, friends-all of us need to continuously find opportunities to share information and perspective.

We need to remember that most of us had no idea, really, what autism was until we had a reason to learn about it.

Thank you Smockity, for the post that made many of us realize that many people simply do not know about or understand autism and how it impacts a persons behavior. Thank you Smockity for being brave enough to apologize, for hearing the voices that reacted with hurt.

And to all those that responded with vicious name calling and threats, shame on you. Double shame as I am sure those of you who did respond so inappropriately will not apologize.

Anyways, I look forward to seeing everyone busy posting for Autism Awareness!

Hugs and Laughter

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Little Man's New Hobby
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