That tired old debate-vaccination

I am so very tired of hearing about vaccination being evil.  I am tired of Jenny McCarthy, Wakefield, NVIC and AOA.
The idea that it is ok to choose not to vaccinate because of the minute risk of death/injury from that vaccine is simplistic at best.  At worst, parents who choose to not vaccinate their children on the basis that their child 'might be injured by the vaccine,' is a gross injustice to the babies that have died from pertussis, measles, ruebella (so forth and so on.)
I really understood the non vaccination stance, back when the news was bombarding us with scientific studies that say our babies are at risk from those vaccinations. 
But those days are past.
Now there are multitudes of respectable studies (studies that have been peer reviewed and duplicated by others) that demonstrate that vaccines do not cause SIDS, nor Autism, and that the risk of an 'adverse reaction' that requires medical intervention is rare.
Rare as in you are more likely to win the lottery twice in a row when you only bought two tickets in your whole life rare. Babies have died (and are dieing) because of these selfish parents that are determined that its a giant conspiracy! That the world's governments and the gross majority of health professionals worldwide are in cahoots with every scientist on the planet to hide from us that vaccines are deadly dangerous, causing every illness and disorder known to man.
To what purpose I ask? Once those vaccines have killed us all, who are they making money off of?  That one measles outbreak cost well over $120,000 just in hospital bills.  What does an epidemic cost? After paying off all the people that would have to be bribed to silence, (were this really a hush hush conspiracy) how much proffit would there be in vaccines?  Seriously people, time to engage the brain a wee bit.

Children that are not vaccinated are diagnosed with autism (like mine.) Children that aren't vaccinated die of SIDS, pertussis, HIV, measles and a multitude of illnesses and injuries.  Children that are not vaccinated have caused untold amount of illness and death by spreading highly contagious diseases to babies that are too young to be vaccinated.

This while thing has turned into a screaming match of parents hollering that THEY and their children ARE more valuable that a city full of babies.  That their RIGHTS supersede the rights of society.  That they have the right to put their child at risk AND to put my community at risk.

For shame.

I can just see this argument being used in other arenas.
Public transportation has been pointed at as a source for being robbed.  I mean, there is a youtube video and some porn model that say it's so.  So I can drive drunk, and choose to have my kids in the car, because that is my right.  Regardless of the danger to the rest of ya, you can't decide for me!!

Your kid allergic to peanuts? Deathly allergic as in my eating peanuts and breathing on him/her could cause immediate death?  He/she is too little to understand that gravity of the situation and how to take precautions? Well my right to eat peanuts and mash peanut butter into your child's desk is way more important than your child's life. 

What? It's not? Really? 

Well I'll be danged.  See, that is why we have rules and laws. The reason we allow these infringements on our rights to do whatever the eff we want, is so that the safety and well being of the majority is protected.
And I say that vaccinations are part of the safety and well being of the majority.


  1. Agreed. It's time for people to accept that this vax/ASD link is a furphy. Move on.

  2. Good post. Unfortunately, those diehards aren't going to move on, but we can file them accordingly.

  3. I don't agree that none of them will move on. Perhaps they just haven't smashed me around enough yet lol, but I still believe that a good chunk of the parents that were chanting 'green our vaccines' are starting to vaccinate-only because the vaccination rates have actually starting going back up. :) I can hope right.

  4. oh i love i just found this.. you're SO RIGHT!! I can't get near my soapbox anymore.. im just too tired of this debate. Thanks for blogging this.. its nice to know there are others that feel the same as we do :)

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  6. There are children that die from vaccnies too. Research research research for yourself and your child.

  7. You are perfectly correct-children have died from vaccines. The statistics, however, show that you are more likely to get hit by lightening that to die from vaccinations. For every fatal reaction to a vaccine there are hundreds if not thousands of children that die from vaccine preventable disease.
    I agree that parents should research! I do! My issue is that some parents do not understand how to ensure they are getting information from a reliable source. Research by listening to Jenny McCarthy? Or how about from the many self proclaimed 'doctors' that have the magic cure for you to buy?
    Your implied comment that vaccines are killers was asinine. This is as bad as the 'toxic ingredients' gambit.
    I find it interesting that when I post that 'I don't agree that none of them will move on' that you troll my post with old, debunked alarmist statements.
    Hugs and laughter

  8. @Rhonda, I can still get on my soapbox (as seen in above comment) but I tend not to wander about bringing it up. I will, however, point out when someone is being ridiculous, dropping in on a lengthy post or conversation and dropping that tired old one-liner of 'vaccines kill children!!'

  9. Idiots and fanatics those anti vacciners so irresponsible. Can't wait to have them loose their professional liscences. Specially those doctoral psychologists recommending not to vaccinate. Since when is medicine and this type of science their expertise. Provide the information but don't obligate and advocate irresponsibly. What arrogance.


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