Excitement! Thank you to Jodi from Sources!

If you are from BC Canada and need some help with your autistic or FAS child or young adult, contact Sources! (previously Gateway). What a wonderful program!

Jodi arrived with a binder filled with excellent information, from a list of all the books I am welcome to borrow from the Sources library (which I certainly will be doing), a comprehensive layout of the services her organization offers, to amazingly in depth set of paperwork to fill out (heeeee! More paperwork! sigh) that will help us to identify areas in which NSLM could use some intervention.  My not so long list is a bit longer now, but it now includes minor details such as "note to self: Find a science club, invention club or even a capable adult who will start one."
Jodi spent two hours here, will do the same with my ex-husband in his home, and then will be back every two weeks for a few months (at least). She will take all our filled out forms and the data within, and then she will show me how to design an intervention plan for target areas.  More importantly, she will show me how to track the success (or not) of our intervention.  How exciting is that?
She is even going to help me educate the local RCMP a wee bit, by creating an information flier for them about my child.
So excited!


  1. That is fabulous! What a great resource. :)

  2. Science or invention club? Because that's what NSLM likes? I LOVE IT!


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