NSLM and the Autism Button

So, in preparedness for my own little autism awareness plan (I am in college, so I got a HUGE button that says, 1 <3 someone with Autism and Someone with Autism <3s me!, figuring it might open a conversation or two, and it certainly did.) I have it clipped to my shirt, with pride.
When NSLM came upstairs to have his breakfast he, of course, didn't look up.  He grabbed his cereal and his juice, and stumbled to the table.
He does not wake up gracefully, lol.
Halfway through his breakfast he glanced at me.
He stopped, staring, with his spoon suspended halfway to his mouth.
He seemed, for a moment, to be completely dumbfounded.
He did that tiny smirk that is all him, then continued to eat his cereal, smirking the whole time.
I pretended not to notice, as I have learned that patience can be very rewarding. :)  I was guessing that he was startled to see his words on my button.
Finally, he slides his eyes sideways to mine for a moment, then says, "What makes you think I love you?"
Then he laughs.  "Love you mom!" he sing songs.
Sigh.... I love my kids!

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