My Son, Not So Little Man (previously Little Man)

NSLM (not so little man) was born in 1998. He is the youngest child of three, his sister is one year older than he is and his brother is eight years older. He is the only one of the three that is diagnosed ASD.

LD (learning disabled)
Pragmatic Disorder

Visual Cogntion
Visual Learner
Detail Orientation
Structural Design
Memory (for details)
Generosity of Spirit
3D thinking

Non Verbal Language (social codes, etiquette, body language, social cues, tone of voice: using and understanding any of these.)
non linear concept
transference of data from one situation to another

NSLM scores in the gifted range for Visual Cognition and in the severely disabled range for Working Memory.  I can't explain what that means, academically, as I don't really care what the academic explanation is unless it magically helps us to give NSLM the tools he needs. 

What I can tell you is that he is incredible smart with amazing creative abilities, but if he has to demonstrate his ability in any forte by using language (speech or written) he is not able to do so.  NSLM builds castles and buildings (castles with Hirst Arts blocks, but his own patterns, buildings with a kit), "marble tracks" that cause lights and what not, gameboards that are similar to video games (cause and effect, kill this monster and get a magic sword, attack this monster and Delevel) that most often has a star wars feel to it (laser guns and whatnot) but occasional seems to be Lord of the Rings, with dragons included.  These games have consistent and complex rules, requiring the players to pay attention, in a tier system where the game becomes more complex as you proceed.

NSLM has also demonstrated a caring for others, ability to act when he sees the need, and an acceptance of the consequences for those actions. He also has a wickedly quick sense of humor that is sometimes offbeat but always present.

Little Man's New Hobby

Little Man's New Hobby
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