Tragedy, despair and hanging on

Tragedy has happened here.  I don't even know what to say about it.
(But haha to all those weepy tragedy is me age of autism twits... this ain't about autism)

After much expense and battling, my adorable nephew has been dragged out of our home to his.
Not because a judge ordered it.
Not because a judge heard our evidence.
But rather because court ran out of time and could not hear us.
Because a certain 'psychologist' (with no registered PHD) has decided taht he just doesn;t care what happened to the little one when he was in his father's care last year. 

We are grieving.  We are terrified for the little one.  We are hurting for us all.

So many court battles, so many hurtful divides in the family.  It was a fight we carefully considered before engaging-it was not hard to figure out that there would be much hurt and anger from all sorts of people.

But for myself, and my husband, we simply did not feel we had much choice.  The 'caregivers' were not making choices that were beneficial to the child.  They were, in our oh so biased opinions, behaving bat shit crazy (to borrow a kimphrase)

This little guy has lived in my home since March (feb28/march1).  He has sensory perception issues that vanished as he came to understand that he was safe and loved.  He rocked constantly and yet now is only rocking when agitated.  He still has SIBS, which is so horribly distressing. 

We have paid for assessments.  We have paid for therapies.  We have watched this child go from being emotionally distraught and unhealthy to confident and strong.

To have them refuse to stay in touch with the little guy (who is not quite two).  To have them take him without a care for how such a change will be perceived by the little one.

So sad.  So unfair.  So much for my positive belief in our justice system. 


  1. I'm so sorry. It took a lot of love and courage for you to fight that fight. I'll pray that all goes well for the little guy, and I'll pray for healing for your family.


  2. I am so sorry, that is just wrong. Is there anything you can do? Jen

  3. I am so sorry. I hope that he'll be okay, that you'll be able to see him so that he's not so scared about his new living arrangements. I hope that he'll be able to come back to you soon. ((()))

  4. Oh..well crap..Hang in there...don't give up hope..I am so sorry.((()))

  5. I am sad for you, thankfully there is something everyone can do during disparaging moments and that is to hope.


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