Just another day as a parent

Life has been so busy!
Today, though, was busier than most. 

My two 'teens' are in middle school.  Which means a 1/2 hour bus ride to the nearest city, for the first time in their school experience.
I should add that it is currently -20ish celcius.

I don't know what everyone elses' children are like, but mine like to sneak out innapropriately dressed. (big sister is too cool to dress warmly and NSLM takes a month to change gears when it comes to outdoor gear).
Not that their lack of winter jackets has anything to do with this post-I was just sayin..

Anyways, I work full time these days (hating it) but NSLM had a speech/BI appt after school so I left early, ran to pick up the baby, then made the trip into town to pick up the kids to take NSLM to his appt and hang out with Big Sister.
This is a weekly routine.  Without fail.

Except, when I get to the school, Big Sister is not there.  The ladies in the office tell me that the THINK she was in class today. 
Staying somewhat calm, I explain, in small words, that THINK is not acceptable.  I want to know for sure, you see.  I also request that they find out if she got on the bus.
The lovely ladies try to page the teacher and hand me the phone.  The lady on the other end tells me that Big Sister is NOT on the bus.
Not so calmly I explain that she might want to be very sure, as my next  call is going to be to the RCMP and if she is on teh bus they will get to explain to the media and teh police WHY they didn't know it.
She double checks.
Yup! She is on the bus!

I quickly make arangements for my ex husband to pick her up, as she doesnt have her housekey (and it is frackin cold!).

NSLM turns to me, as we go to the car, and he grins.
"Interesting how you worry more about me, but it is Big Sister that isn't where she is supposed to be"
I laughed, agreed and on our drive to the therapists it really sunk in.

He is right.
I DO worry more about him.
He is so very reliable.  He does not ever break the rules.  He is always where he is supposed to be.  He makes the best choices he can ( considering his inability to understand abstracts until explained).
How about that?

Hugs and Laughter,


  1. How about that! :-)

    Kinda scary to realize that schools everywhere can have a really hard time accounting for the whereabouts of our children, though.

  2. Now theres a good point because I would automatically have worried more about him too, but he is right :) Glad it worked out ok in the end with Big Sis. Jen

  3. TY! And Yup, i am oh so very not hugs and laughter at the school. The kids have only been in this school for not quite three months and already they have lost a child (mine) and had another child get hit (mine) in a classroom WHILE the teacher was in it and didn't notice.

    If I could afford it, I would homeschool.

  4. Thanks! I was glad too. (weak kneed sorta thank goodness relieved, lol)


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