Where the heck is that magic wand... Rambling about early interventions

I have Google alerts for autism in the news which led me to THIS article.

Reading  it made me take another glance at the first five years of NSLM's life.

Is what Big Sister did on a day to day basis early intervention?  She forced him to interact with her by simply refusing to be ignored.  She stuck suckies in his mouth, gave him toys to hold, babbled at him constantly.
She would pet him, cuddle him, kiss him and pinch him (Not that we allowed the latter!)

They are one year, one week and 4 days apart in age.  She is outgoing, pushy and demanding.  He is laid back, quiet and as far from aggressive as one human can be.  He didn't have a chance.  In fact, it was not until a copule of years ago that he began to tell her no.  Until then he was her agreeable play partner, easy to boss around and most certainly did not interject with his own desires or opinions!

It used to drive me crazy, but looking back, I wonder.  Did that level of contact that he had with Big Sister help?  Was having a sibling so close in age more of a blessing than I realized?

Was Big Sister the magic wand that accidentally taught him the social basics?

hnmmm... Maybe I can rent her out?

Hugs and Laughter



  1. I have one of those, she is 16 months younger than her brother and she does great things with him and he her (in his own way!). They are very funny to watch :D Jen

  2. Hi Jen. I love having kids! Siblings are a blast, no?

  3. Big Sister probably didn't hurt in any case #smilesandhugs


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