Autism does not equal silence

I know I haven't been very loud lately (if ever I was really 'loud' lol), but this whole silence for autism thing has really irked me.
I have a wonderful ASD child, whom is 12.45 years old.  He is well able to speak although he falters if you want to talk about feelings, relationships etc.
He loves the internet, started a blog and quickly decided to create his own website and online record of 'things'.
How is ignoring social networks helping him?
How does being silent online give me an inkling of what it is like to be my son?

I think it takes away from the hard work autistic persons do to live in a world of NT's.  In my jaded opinion, shutting down our social networks for a day is a slap to all those who rely on these sites for the majority of their socializing.  What a slap to the autistics, like my son, who use the internet to share thoughts, reach out to others and gather information on all sorts of topics, including social interaction.
Yes, let us show our support by refusing to use the internet to socialize.

I am also confused about silence raising awareness of anything.  Part of the fear people have of autism is that for too long people who have a loved one with autism were being quiet.  So many adults over the age of 30 are in denial of what ASD represents because they did not grow up knowing about autism, or knowing a person whom was autistic.

Thanks in large to the internet information is being shared far and wide, (not always accurate information sadly).

Being silent is not going to teach me anything about autism or give me insights into my son's mind.
Asking questions, sharing information and being upfront and honest will get me much farther.

Anyways, just the opinion of a mom!


  1. Well said! I for one appreciate your opinion. :)

  2. As you know I blogged for the same reason. I didn't have anything against the communication shutdown and it might even have some benefit for people who don't know anything about autism or have any connection with autism. Who knows. At the end of the day it was a fundraiser and with all the differing opinions it certainly raised a lot of issues, maybe even some awareness! Jen

  3. Thanks Kathleen and Jen. I agree that at least this debate brought more voices to share their outtakes.

  4. Completely agree with you.
    I try to take this as an opportunity to speak and say again what so many autistics self advocates and parents have already said so many times without being listened to:
    Here is my post for the Autistic speaking day:


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