The Not So Little Man and the Musical Adventure

NSLM has been taking guitar lessons for a couple of years now, which is in itself startling if you had been around when he was under 8.  In those days the slightest and quietest of musical sounds were met with screaming, fit throwing and general meltdowns.  I exaggerate, a bit, but I do remember that Little Man did truly detest music.  He outright refused to have anything to do with the kindergarten singing and dancing.

Now, we have a new music teacher here in rural town.  A wonderful teacher, a bit eccentric, who plays a multitude of instruments (and has these instruments in his music studio) as well as recording equipment.
Big Sister looovveess to sing and as such has been a protege of this teacher.  She goes for an hour or so each week, while NSLM seems to enjoy 1/2 hour per week.

As focused as we all were on Big Sisters singing ability and recordings, we were completely unprepared for what happened with the instructor began to quiz the NSLM about his musical interests.

Turns out that NSLM wanted to learn to play the drums.  So with me sitting there watching, the instructor decided to 'teach' NSLM some drumming technique.
Turns out that NSLM has an interesting ability.

I had the pleasure of watching a seasoned music teacher get excited about a student.  (If Mr. Teacher's frantic darting glances at me with his eyes as wide as pie plates was an indication of his excitement, lol).
He had NSLM take the sticks and copy a single beat on the wide cymbal.  NSLM did this.  Stopped.  Looked thoughtful, then did it again, but this time with a stutter (two taps per stick at a time). 
He held the rythm perfectly.
While I was a bit surprised at how comfy he was with the drumsticks, I was not startled by his ability to keep a beat. 
The teacher showed him how to sit at the drum kit, then started orally giving instructions.  It took about 5 minutes to have NSLM playing with both foot pedals, the high hat and the smaller drum.  He was able to move all four limbs to order, hold the beat indefinately.
I thought the instructor was going to come unglued.

So good right?
Except... My house is 900 sq feet with two adults, two teens and a toddler living in it.  I do not have a garage.
The instructor has a 'low end drum kit' he will let us use, but I would need to get the high hat, food pedal and chair to go with. 
A place to put these things.

On my under 30,000/annum income, how the heck am I going to do this?

Next monday I am going to photograph him playing.  It is a must see.

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