I am blaming the bunnies!

Summer is nearly over and I am not too sure where the time went, exactly.

My to-do list was not even touched. We never did get around to putting in the vegetable garden, or bringing in sand (for a base for our huge outdoor pool). My flower beds are sparse this year and the many woodworking projects remain incomplete.

I did not end up taking that three week course I had planned on, nor did we get to travel.

It's interesting, and sometimes frustrating, how life hands you little surprises to wreak havoc on even the best laid plans.

And really, it all started with the bunnies. We had not planned on bunnies. Nor had we planned on building a hutch for the bunnies. We most certainly had in no way planned on having baby bunnies.

Yet bunnies we have. Adorable bunnies that I have completely fallen in love with. Bunnies that have brought us so many giggles (watching the kids and hearing their conversations has been a hysterical daily event), many worries (Poor Trixie trying to give birth while Copper was trying to have his wicked way with her followed by 'Is Trixie feeding those babies?') and many profound moments.

As life around me went from my normal organized style to complete mayhem, as the family drama unfurled it's sails and docked on my doorstep-well, we still had the bunnies.

Watching my children interact and care for these fuzzy little creatures more than made up for the other nonsense. While watching the Little Man struggle to read the vast material he scrounged up at the library on bunnies did not take care of the court case I have pending concerning my infant nephew-it did serve to remind me of how much the Little Man has gained this year. He can read! And he is nurturing a group of small creatures with love and patience, demonstrating his newly learned life skills. And while the giggling over his sometimes innapropriate fact sharing on said bunnies did not give us back his funding (CLBC removed his funding because his IQ tested 'too high'), it did serve to remind me that some of his weaknesses are also his strengths.

I look at the space in our yard where the veggie garden was supposed to reside and I blame the bunnies! Who has time to frame in, roto-till and plant when one is cuddling a tiny playful bunny?

I look at the stack of birdfeeders, windchimes, potato bins and what not that I never finished building and I point my finger at the bunnies! Not my fault! I was building hutches and nesting boxes and bunny runs!

I look at the pile of paperwork on my desk and sigh.  Don't be mad teacher.  Maybe if I send a picture of the baby bunnies and my son's wonder filled face as he watched the mommy groom the little ones it will be ok.

Hopefully she has also experienced abduction by bunnies so that she understands.

I'm off to play with baby bunnies. Then I guess I have to finish some to-do lists.
hmmm, wonder if I can blame the bunnies for that bill I forgot to pay?

Hugs and laughter


  1. sure! I blame my cat for the bills I forget :D why not bunnies?

  2. *happy flapping*

    BABY RABBITS! *love*


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