The difference between you and me.... you are a loon

I had a giggle reading this post at AoA  where Julie goes on a rant explaining that the difference between her and Allison Singer is that Julie doesn't. (Julie doesn't believe or trust anything or anyone that doesn't feed her paranoid beliefs).

Her writing is incoherent from the beginning and I was pleased to see it was...well... boring.

In my oh so humble opinion, the difference between Julie and Allison is that Julie is a loon.


  1. heehee...yup. Love the toy picture btw! We have similar displays here as well. :)

  2. I love how he rearranges things so that they are framed so nicely-but not with the intention of photographing, but just because it appeals to him.
    I took a fracking class to learn how to frame a picture lol, and here he just ... does it...


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