Mothers who kill their children.... It is not about autism.

Disclaimer: Yes, I am opinionated.  Deal with it.

Age of Ridiculous have a new post up concerning another child who was murdered by their parent.

"Four children with autism under the age of 21 have been murdered by their parents in a single summer. Two in Dallas, TX, one in The Bronx, NY, and now Christopher Melton of Howard County, Maryland. What more can I add? KS"
The above quote is a beautiful example of how those AoA folks want everything negative to be about autism.  Four children in North America, over three months, have been murdered this summer (allegedly) by their parents.  AoA's KimS is certainly happy to demand the nation to see this as a national crisis.  The general consensus among the loons over there is that these poor parents did not have enough support (what parent does?).  That if only there were more supports in place for parents of autistic children then this would not happen!

The statistics do not work with this hew and outcry, however.  According to this and the American Anthropological Association  200 American Mommies kill their children every damn year.  Heck, in 1983 600 American children will murdered by their parents [Kaye, Neil; Neal M. Borenstein and Susan Donnelly (1990). "Families, murder, and insanity: a psychiatric review of paternal neonaticide". Journal of Forensic Sciences 35: 134.]

Why is it we are only hearing (or mostly hearing only) about autistic children being murdered?

Because it is more titilating to read.  Partly because as parents of autistic children (or persons whom are autistic) we also have the word 'autism' flagged in google news. 

Use your head KimS of AoA.  It ain't about autism.  It is about mental health of the parents.  It is about evil.  But it sure as hell is not the child's fault, nor the government's fault.

Not saying, either, that I don't believe that ALL parents need more help than what is readily available.  I am sure that we all have had moments when some respite care would have been more than welcome.

But as adults who are responsible for our children it is OUR job to be aware of our own mental health.  It is our job to reach out for help when we need it.  To make sure that we are looking after our selves in order to be the best damn parent we can be.

Shame on Age of Assholes for implying (and at times outright saying) that the autistic child causes their parent to murder them.  For saying that raising an autistic child is so bloody damn difficult that murder/suicide is a serious consideration.

For Shame...


  1. Ah, but you already know when it's about pushing the agenda, the reality is irrelevant.

  2. i agree with you! they are the age of idiots! They refuse to listen to the real like me! I have Asperger's

  3. @Kim We know it, but I still find that occasionally I still need to rant about it :)

    @ spectrum times: Glad to meet another who agrees!

  4. To be fair, four in a summer is more than would be expected due to the base rate alone (although I'm not calculating the significance. Just finished a stats final. All calculated out.).

    Other than that, nice post. :-)

  5. Thanks! I want to take a course on statistics!


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