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Firstly, I am allergic to bees. I am terrified of bees. You need to understand this before reading further.

Last summer little man spent a great deal of time outside, fascinated with his bugcatcher (plastic home for bugs, includes a net and magnifying glass) and his buglopedia (His teacher put this together for him, it has pictures and scientific facts about insects available in our area.)

I was thrilled to see him doing something that didnt require hours of sitting indoors. This continued for a couple of weeks, then suddenly he was spending tons of time locked in his room. He was also demanding that his privacy be respected, and as such was closing his door and made a sign with a picture of the door being open and an X through the picture. (He had to explain the picture to me, lol, but neat, right?)

Then, I;m doing dishes and he starts SCREAMING "NOOOOO NOOOOOOOOO. This is INCORRECT and CANNOT be happening to my SWEEET SELF NO NONONONONONOOOOOO!'
Startled, although smiling over his choice of words I head to his room. I knock on the door.
"PRIVACY" He yells.
"Um, honey? It's mom, please let me in." I reasoned.
"FINE! It's on your own head then!" he yells back.

I walk in.
I stop.
I can't breath.
I'm trying to not freak.
I'm warring between running away screaming and bursting into tears.

He looks at me oh so calmly and says, "Dont worry Mom. I know you are agic to bees. In my book it says the agicness comes from the stinger, so I removed all the stingers.

He is sitting there with a bunch of GIGANTIC teddybear bumble bees (You know those huge fuzzy ones) and has removed the stinger (and thus killed the bee, which led to a freakout) from one. Another is crawling around the floor unhappily.

I take a breath.
I tell his little holiness that ALL bees are to be put back outside, this very instant.
Saddned he does as he is bid.
Later, when he is ready to discus it he told me he loves the bees, but knew that keeping some as pets when I am agic to them is not accpetable, so he figured if he removed their stingers that he could keep them.

Lord love us, lol.
Amazed that he had caught so many without being stung. truly amazed.

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