The path I'm on

The path I'm on

It's been over a decade of travelling this road; researching in the library, scouring online for answers, pestering the doctor's and specialists, meetings with therapists and dealing with family members that could not be supportive.

This road, I know, has been travelled by many a parent. There are an incredible amount of blogs and forums and websites to attest to the joys and struggles of parenting children. There are even a tremendous amount of the same concerning parenting a child on the autism spectrum.

Sadly though, there are many websites talking about the tragedy of it all, the grief and hardship. There are not enough people, in my opinion, sharing the joys, the victories and the love involved in parenting an autistic child.

So while, yes, I am going to rant and rave about the ignorance of others, the struggle to find professionals willing to diagnose and recommend skills training and the worry one has as a parent-I am more going to focus on all those mommy moments.

I don't welcome any responses that offer me 'cures', although resource links are ALWAYS appreciated. I don't want sympathy as I do not feel that my child is a trial to me and I am not living a tragic life.

Hugs and Laughter,


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